Family Creed

As the parent or the guardian of a South Bronx Academy for Applied Media scholar, I support and encourage my child to be a






  • I contribute to the physical and intellectual safety of our school community.
  • I participate productively and consistently in my child’s experience at SBAAM – maximum effort (open communication, parent-teacher conferences, and school activities).
  • I understand and support that media is used as a tool for learning at SBAAM.
  • I make sure that my child arrives to school on time everyday dressed in SBAAM’s uniform.
  • I work closely with SBAAM to support my child’s growth and improvement.
  • I work collaboratively with the SBAAM community toward the continued success and improvement of my child and our school.
  • I recognize my unique strengths and the impact I can have on our school community.
  • I celebrate my child’s success and the success of all members of the SBAAM community.
  • I have a voice in our school community (School Leadership Team, Parent Teacher Association, volunteering at school, etc.)
  • I use appropriate words, tone, and body language when communicating with members of the SBAAM community.
  • I receive and respond appropriately to relevant and constructive feedback, always assuming best intentions.
  • I help my child to set realistic, attainable, and ambitious goals.
  • I help my child to make informed decisions considering the positive and negative consequences his or her actions will have on others.
  • I understand that I am a member of the SBAAM community and I represent our school in a positive manner.
  • I acknowledge and show respect for the diversity of our community.
  • I use resources available to me inside and outside of school to support my child’s success.
  • I keep an open mind, I am flexible, and I compromise when necessary.
  • I hold myself accountable to the mission of our school.