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South Bronx Academy for Applied Media is a community of






As a scholar at the South Bronx Academy for Applied Media, I am…


I take ownership of my learning.

I arrive to school and class on time everyday dressed in SBAAM’s uniform.

I am prepared with the materials, homework and positive attitude I need to be successful.

I participate productively and consistently at all times (i.e. class time, hallway time, lunchtime, etc.).

I reflect on my schoolwork and look for ways to improve it.

I use resources available to me both inside and outside the school (tutoring libraries, museums, etc.).


I learn about media and how it can enrich my life.

I make choices that will positively impact my future (tomorrow, high school, college, and career).

I recognize my unique strengths and the impact I can have on our school community.

I support and celebrate the unique achievements of all members of our community through positive words and actions.

I have a voice in our school community.


I contribute to the intellectual and physical safety of our school community.

I use appropriate words, tone and body language when communicating.

I set realistic, attainable, and ambitious goals.

I am prepared, organized, and manage my time effectively.

I take advantage of opportunities to continue to learn outside of the classroom.

I recognize, respect, and support the learning needs of different members of the SBAAM community.

I learn from my mistakes and past experiences.

I acknowledge and show respect for the diversity of our school community.

I keep an open mind, I am flexible, and I compromise when necessary in order to achieve my goals.


I listen actively to all members of the SBAAM community.

I think critically and make informed decisions, considering the positive and negative consequences of my actions.

I receive and respond appropriately to relevant and constructive feedback, always assuming best intentions.

I work together with the members of SBAAM’s community to achieve our shared vision.

I reflect on my progress and make adjustments.

I represent myself and my school in a positive manner at all times.


I put forth maximum effort.

I welcome challenges and push myself to overcome obstacles to meet my goals.

I take responsibility for what I say and do.

I have a positive attitude.

I hold myself accountable to SBAAM’s mission.

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